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Our Motivations

Excel Academics is a rapidly expanding team of professionals with a plethora of skills and experience in private tuition. We understand the importance you place on getting the right educational support for your children. We all want the very best for our children and feel secure in the knowledge that they are doing well in school and happily sailing through their education in a stress-free environment. The outstanding service we provide to you meets that need perfectly and always exceeds expectations, as we offer much more support than the average tuition provider, we get to know your children well and form a close bond with you and them, ensuring we accurately understand the needs of every child and closely communicate with you every step of the way to ensure these needs are met.

We also have that special ability to empathise with our students, as we remember exactly what it was like when we were their age, in the same education system with the challenges they face on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on having that special bond with our students where they feel able to tell us what is on their mind and feel free to express themselves as individuals.

Many people ask us why we spend so much time tutoring when we already have well established professional careers under our belts - the answer...


"When a child has that light-bulb moment accompanied by a huge smile and that realisation in their eye that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, being a part of that is priceless. We are then satisfied in the knowledge that we have supported, guided and inspired them on the journey to this realisation, and after that... the sky is the limit!"

Rachel Supuk


Meet Our Leadership Team

Rachel Supuk


A human rights solicitor with postgraduate qualifications in English Language and Communication with a passion for working with children and "inspiring each and every one of them to succeed." Rachel is a governor at Flatts Nursery School in Dewsbury and Crossley Fields J&I School in Mirfield and volunteers a large proportion of her free time in working with the governing bodies to improve the practices, procedures and delivery of education in the current system to strive for top quality education in the area. Education is Rachel's passion, and her connections with local schools allows her to have expert knowledge in the curriculum and teaching methods.


Rachel is also a mother to two daughters and so understands the challenges parents face when trying to motivate their children to reach their full potential and enjoy the learning process. Her caring attitude towards students is obvious as nothing is too much trouble for her and she will go that extra mile to make sure she has helped her students in every way she can. She is kind and compassionate and can always bring out a smile from every child.

Alongside her legal career, Rachel has always worked with local children supporting them to reach their full potential and she is a positive influence in each child's life that never fails to leave a lasting memory. 

Dr Enes Supuk

Senior Tutor 

A Senior University Lecturer in Chemical Engineering with a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) and a personal ambition to remove the anxiety that many children feel in relation to Maths & boost their confidence to make them love numbers and feel confident applying them.


Over the last 17 years, Dr Enes has "inspired" so many local children to see Maths in a brand new light. He provides the lifelong skills and tools needed for your child to apply their logic & reasoning and opens up a deeper level of thought & understanding. 

He is also extremely passionate about Science and has a knack for igniting children's interests in the world around them by turning confusing scientific concepts into things they can appreciate and make sense of in their daily lives.  

Excel Academics Tuition Centre in Batley offer high quality academic tuition in-centre and online for primary secondary 11+ and GCSE students in English Maths and Sciecne. OFSTED registered and award winning tuition centre.
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