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Welcome to Excel Academics

Excel Academics tutors inspire you to do your best by giving you their best. We are so passionate about teaching and educating young children that we always strive to put 110% effort into the planning, delivery and follow up work for every lesson we deliver. Whether it is a private 121 session or a class session we transfer so much knowledge and create enhanced interest for a topic in every session that we believe every lesson missed is a wasted opportunity to learn. We believe that consistency is the key and the decision to send your child for tuition is not just about taking and collecting them from us, it's a commitment and responsibility to your child to communicate with us regularly, knowing what they are learning and what you can do to support them in that learning process. We don't just see our students as numbers on the register, we see them as individuals who need to be nurtured in the best way that suits their needs to ensure they get the most out of their educational experience and we are always striving to push each child along to achieve the maximum they are capable of, some children never having realised they were capable of attaining such grades. For many children, education can be daunting and stressful especially when they find things difficult and sometimes children would just rather be doing "something else" than sitting down to learn. Gone are the days when the only way to teach was traditional pen and paper, at Excel Academics we have the latest technology and ideas to ignite your child's passion for learning, coupled with the enthusiasm and drive from our caring tutors we believe we have winning combination to support your child to reach their goals and develop the lifetime skill of willingness to learn and explore the world around them.

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